Navigating a loss can be overwhelming and stressful. We hope to help by providing you with this short guide on what to expect.

While each scenario is different, and all aspects may not apply to your crisis, this can be used to help to better understand the process. Please feel free to reach out and ask any questions you may have. 

Immediate attention:Your family is the most important.

Secure shelter for the time being. The Red Cross may offer 3 days of hotel stay to help you get situated. If you have insurance, they will make things even more comfortable for you. 

Contact your insurance company. If you do not have the information handy, our Outreach Program Manager can assist you in getting this information. Notify them of the fact you have had a loss at your home. Let them know if the home is unlivable, and they will help with temporary accommodations. 

Protect your property. Authorizing a contractor to tarp or board up any accessible parts of your home prevents additional damage due to weather and prevents theft. If you don’t already have someone, ask our Outreach Program Manager or your insurance for referrals. 

If it is safe to do so, secure any guns, cash or expensive jewelry. 

Get some rest The emotional toll a fire loss can take on families is difficult. Please utilize any resources offered to help you during this difficult time. 


Personal Property Inventory

Pack Out/Moveback



Finishes Demolition

Structural Cleaning

Textile Cleaning