ServiceMaster of Greater Washington offers various types of disaster recovery and water restoration services. We solve water damage issues that occur in your home or office, from leaking pipes to hurricanes. 

Water Damage Restoration

Here at ServiceMaster of Greater Washington, we are the water damage experts striving to help local families maintain a safe and healthy environment within their homes. When a flood or other water disaster occurs, look no further than ServiceMaster. We understand the importance of tending to these incidents promptly, because delayed action can result in severe damage to your carpet or wood flooring. The first step of the water damage restoration process involves drying the carpet or wood floors in a timely fashion.

To what type of water has your carpet been exposed?

There are three types:

  • Clean water: Water free of debris, coming from a clean source
  • Grey water: May not be clean water, but does not pose any health threats (overflow from washing machine or dishwasher)
  • Black water: This type of water should be handled carefully, as it may be extremely hazardous (sewage backup or runoff water)

Our ServiceMaster technicians will typically arrive between two and four hours after we have been contacted. This allows us to quickly begin the drying process and increases the chance of salvaging affected materials.

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