When Experiencing Water Damage

Water damage can be highly destructive, especially if action is not taken immediately. In the event of a flood, hurricane, or other disaster involving water, contact ServiceMaster as soon as possible. If for any reason there is a delay in our arrival, use the following tips:

  • Mop and blot as much water as possible.
  • Remove wet area rugs or removable floor coverings. Do not attempt to remove wall-to-wall carpeting yourself.
  • Be sure no draperies are touching the floor. Loop over curtain rod using a coat hanger or whatever is available.
  • Wipe furniture, prop up cushions and place aluminum foil under furniture legs.
  • Move photos, paintings, etc. to a safe, dry location if possible.
  • Do not remove books from shelves. Pack them tightly together to prevent warping until a restoration professional can use their specialized method of drying.
  • Open drawers, closets and cabinet doors to facilitate drying.

What not to do:

  • Do not enter a room with standing water in it until all electricity has been turned off.
  • Do not use a regular household vacuum to remove water.
  • Do not attempt to lift tacked down carpet without professional help.
  • Do not use electrical appliances when carpet or flooring is still wet.
  • Do not touch or disturb any visible mold.


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